Greed is something that makes you blind with something covetable at first, but that takes you endangerment at last.
Maybe that's why it's a sin.
But most of the time, greed comes from "the financial crisis" or "to grow rapidly".

Jul 04th


A day of zero productivity!

To survive from this day like, need to sleep ASAIC!

Jun 09th


Life savior I2C(Inter-Integrated Circuit) connection!

Jun 04th


When my roommate watches me soldering my designed pcb on my computer table keeping a code open that I’ve just wrote, he asks every time with a curious and confusing eyes, “Are you a computer engineer or electrical?”

Jun 03rd


Designing PCB with EAGLE after a long time! Routing is the most interesting part in here to me!

May 27th


Ribbon Cable seems interesting. But what about it's connecting jack installation?

May 26th


Cooking is like math. Food is a combination of single or multiple(mostly) tastes...

May 25th


I just flew today for the first time with US-Bangla and my expectation was not this high. They're good!

May 25th


My CPU is running at 90°C right now. How about making some tea over there? It's just a 10!

May 20th


Couples use to obey/honour “tahsan-mithila” as romance model. But why they(the couples) can’t break up like them(tahsan-mithila)?
Breakup is healthy, if that’s a mutual one.

May 20th


While designing a multipurpose industrial tank I just figured out that, "Kobja" is known as "Hinge"....

May 19th


We should practice "positive-ness" in our day-to-day life. If needed to be pushed harder thyself.
After a certain period, our brain operates this "positive-ness" fully automatically by itself. Completely unconsciously. And this is IMPORTANT.

May 18th


Waiting for my superior's time planning. After that, I'll book my air ticket to Dhaka. But where is he? Each day is raising the price!

May 17th


Before start drawing a 3D, scale first. You have to design the whole twice if you don't...

May 10th


Started working on my Blind Aid research (version 2). Hopefully, it will be another great one of my life. Let's see.

May 10th


Pixycam is good. Gift of python. I was working on like the same. Just instead of color, that one to detect and recognize object and shape.

May 01st


I have just attended my undergrad convocation today, and it was online!
Really...NSU just made history with this. And I have become a part of this 23rd Convocation.

Apr 08th


It's really kinda frustrating(?) when I saw this today morning-!!!

Because I planned this today about three years ago and my respected(!) professor rejected and shut me out from his room as soon as I told him the idea!

Mar 29th


Nowadays guys&lads assume that....I am a professional graphics designer!
Hail Fiverr and CPC!

Mar 17th


Priority matters.
And priority varies from person to person.
That's why never judge anyone based on your own perspective/point-of-view.

Mar 16th